What I Offer

I focus on giving small businesses the tools and websites they need to get in front of their audience online. Security, SEO, Performance, Content, and more all go into creating, maintaining, and growing effective, authentic websites.

Consultations & Strategy

Don’t just get caught up in the look and feel of your brand. Learn how to combine visual appeal with technical tools to fully capitalize upon the capabilities of your website.

Design & Development

Turn your plan into a reality by having your website built by an expert. Through proper planning, design, and development your website will appeal to your audience and perform efficiently.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

You can never guarantee that an issue won’t arise but you can help to mitigate the damage. Regular maintenance helps your website to run smoothly, stay relevant, and keep running efficiently.

Basic Functionalities

  • SEO
  • Security
  • Performance

Websites I Work On

  • Corporate
  • Non-profit
  • eCommerce
  • Small Business

Themes & Builders

  • Divi
  • Astra
  • Kadence
  • Elementor
  • Divi Builder

What Clients Say

I am blessed to say that every client below has not only had a project completed by me but they have gone on to have other projects or routine maintenance performed as well.

“Joshua was incredible from start to finish. He was efficient, and thorough, and resolved my issue in a timely manner. Will definitely work with him again!”

Anna, Owner
A very knowledgeable, fast, efficient, and professional developer. Highly recommend him for all your WordPress needs and will certainly look to use him again in the future!”
Wyatt, Owner
Fac-Ette Manufacturing
“Highly recommend for all your WordPress needs! He understood intuitively what I was trying to accomplish, responded quickly, and provided sound advice.”

Maria, Owner

Frequently Asked Question

Many times potential clients have a lot of the same questions. Please read below for some of the most commonly asked. Don’t see yours? Send me a message.

My “design services” are unique in the fact that I do not spend a lot of time on wireframing or prototyping. To be honest, I rarely, if ever, utilize them. While they are a great tool and can certainly be necessary, I do not see the need in every instance as I have built sites for years by listening to the needs of my clients, understanding their industries, and then formulating a picture of the finished product in my head. While this may seem counterintuitive, the result is a gorgeous, effective website delivered quicker and with more efficiency.

I am a one-man operation. You will be directly working with me from beginning to end; every aspect of your project will be performed by me. This helps to ensure a personal experience, exceptional customer service, and a smooth workflow throughout your entire project.

Each project is worked on and completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. This ensures that everyone is treated fairly and that all projects are completed in a timely fashion. Your project is given my undivided attention when being worked on until I have either completed your project or have reached a place where there needs to be a pause. Such instances occur when I am waiting on a client to provide feedback, I’m awaiting a milestone payment, a project has been placed on hold by a client, etc.

Projects can last anywhere from a few days to a few months or even longer. While I can certainly give you a rough estimate of project length it will ultimately be up to various factors. Variables that affect the length of a project can include but are not limited to, client availability, client communication, size of the website, scheduling availability, and client financing.

I get asked a lot, or people will demand that their project is done in 24 hours, 48 hours, etc. I tell them all the same thing; “you should have planned better and your rush is not my rush.” Your project will be completed in the order that it was received; this ensures that everyone is treated fairly and that workflows continue smoothly.

Availability. Without fail, I will need to ask a question, get an opinion, or get some form of content from you. The faster you respond and get me what I’m needing, the faster I can complete your project. From the start of your project until the end of your project, you should be able to be reached within reasonable hours and respond in a reasonable timeframe. You and I have busy lives and so we need to effectively work together to manage the time that we’re sharing.

I cannot guarantee the long-term success of your website. However, I can guarantee that the website that you receive will start off being exactly what you need to meet your goals. Continual success will come down to you utilizing that site wisely, having regular maintenance and updates performed, and seeking sound advice as your future business needs evolve. The reviews and testimonials of past clients serve as a testament to the effectiveness of my services and their own success.

To get started with the booking process, just send me a message through the website or directly email me at In certain cases, a deposit or retainer may be required depending on the kind of project, length, and what is involved. This will be discussed before any kind of proposal, contract, or invoicing has happened.

While I strive to provide affordable solutions to clients, your cost will be competitive with industry standards. The final cost of your project cannot be determined until we’ve discussed the scope and scale of your project.

JYEARYDESIGN LLC offers several unique options in terms of payment options for those who cannot afford to pay outright for my services. You can finance your project in which you will be set up with a monthly payment plan designed to make your payments more affordable. This option allows you to have your website up and running quickly but you will not have all-out ownership until your balance has been paid in full. The other option, only extended to companies that I am interested in backing, is invest-to-pay. Basically, I cover all costs to build, maintain, and operate your company website and forgo any payments in exchange for a continual share of profits/percentage of ownership of your company.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Whether you’re looking to get online, grow online, or stay online send me a message. I’m dedicated to making sure you have a sound website strategy moving forward.